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Bob and two of his joys...

Bob's war record...

Bob says this is him on a good day riding his bike in the year 2044

A younger Bob in Vietnam

A younger Bob in Vietnam

Me going through my locker on the boat, that is all the bigger it was just a ammo box and that is how I dressed most of the time, just pants and sandals.

A picture of me with one of my pets, a 6 1/2 foot boa. I also had a 12 foot boa but it took 3 to 4 guys to handle her.

My unit in Vietnam, you can tell by our uniforms that we were called the rag force, sometimes we wore just shorts or cut offs.

I received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart

Eagle Bob back in the early 70's bull riding

Bob (right) always wore his red shirt during rodeo events